Ian Hoskin


Ian Hoskin (b. 1955) is a British photographer. He was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, where he had his first experience of photography at a young age, watching his grandfather processing films and then printing in his makeshift darkroom.

Ian describes his schooling as "less than successful," which consequently led him to travel in the mid-70’s. He documents his travels: "I initially went overland to Afghanistan and then the following year, again overland, to India and Nepal. This time I borrowed my granddad’s old Ilford camera and, on the advice of a friend, a bag of Tri-X film."

Pursuing his early fascination with photography and "an increasing desire to photograph," Ian studied for a Fine Art Degree in Sheffield, graduating in 1981. He then went on to work professionally as a freelance photographer for the BBC's Picture Publicity department whilst continuing his own photographic projects, originally working with film and print in the darkroom and then also digitally.

Since, Ian has exhibited his work at numerous UK galleries and had work featured in prominent art publications.

Ian currently lives between Devon and East London.

Available work